The Art Of Aesthetic Dental Lab in Washington DC

Service as a Dental Lab in Washington DC and Baltimore MD Metro

The Art Of Aesthetics, a cosmetic dental lab in Washington DC and Baltimore MD metro, is founded by a group of technicians. We are known for its unmatched and unparalleled services for distinguished dentists in the Washington DC and Baltimore MD metro. In fact, we service all surrounding cities such as Gaithersburg MD, Alexandria VA, Bethesda MD, Silver Springs MD, and Rockville MD.

After many years of research, our zirconia is built to determine ideal and superior quality raw materials, techniques, and milling systems. We formulated the best fabrication methods, which are unparalleled, such as precise scanning, milling technique, sintering, and porcelain production. In addition, we have skilled technicians for accurate and precise shading in the fabrication of crowns and bridges. We produce flawless and the best dental products that will make your patients happy after great results.

High-End Dental Lab in Washington DC

We fuse layer zirconia crowns and bridges with porcelain using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM). The other type of crowns and bridges are CAD-CAM monolithic full zirconia crowns and bridges. The meticulous and well-experienced technicians in The Art Of Aesthetics, a dental lab in Washington DC serving, are trained to make efficient, consistent, and precise zirconia designs using the CAD-CAM system. Porcelain and e.max porcelain powder are used to enhance aesthetic attributes, whereas zirconia for higher durability. The zirconia crowns and bridges are comparable to the human body due to the absence of metal. They have high strength, aesthetic appearance, comfort, biocompatibility, low thermal conductivity, and reliability.

We believe in building a strong partnership to build higher understanding and produce ideal outcomes for your patients. You can easily contact The Art Of Aesthetics through the contact information on our website.

Dental Laboratory in Washington DC
Dental Laboratory in Washington DC

Certified 3Shape Trios Ready Dental Lab

When your dental practice is ready to partner with a world-class, professional digital dental lab in Washington DC, connect with our team at The Art Of Aesthetics. By working with our pickup and delivery services, we proudly serve clients in the Washington DC areas. Reach out to us today and learn more about how your dental office can experience the first-rate service by working with our skilled technicians.

Top-rated dental practices choose The Art Of Aesthetics 3Shape Trios Ready lab for affordable, top-quality dental products because they know we deliver:

  • Full-time dedicated technicians focused on delivering supreme accuracy
  • Superior craftsmanship from trained professionals
  • Acceptance of digital files such as 3Shape Trios scanner.
  • Reliable and responsive communication
  • Meticulous attention to detail, precision, and more

We are a world-class, professional team that is passionate about your success. This passion allows us, in many cases, to assign a dedicated dental lab technician to gain unique insight and a deep understanding of your specific needs and preferences. 

Are you ready to get started with a dental lab in Washington DC? 

If so, give us a call, send an email, or reach out to us via iMessage. Our friendly staff will walk you through the quick and easy initial steps to begin working with our laboratory.

Cosmetic Dental Lab

Send your next cosmetic case at The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental lab for perfect and comfortable cosmetic porcelain veneers or thin veneers. Our professional and highly skilled dental technicians provide various ceramic veneers, crowns, bridges, and other restorations according to your expectations.

If you think why you should prefer our servicing as a dental lab in Washington DC metro instead of other cosmetic dental labs in Washington DC? The answer cannot be explained in a single sentence because we have a lot to offer. 

For precise and accurate results, send us intraoral scans files from True Definition, 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Carestream, Straumann Cares, or other STL formatted files us. We also welcome non-digital PVS impressions. The Art Of Aesthetics, a dental lab in Washington DC, will produce dental porcelain veneers, exactly fit of 3D printed models or master die from conventional impressions.

The Art Of Aesthetics cosmetic dental lab expert dental ceramists have all the skills and experiences to produce your restoration. It allows our technician to “own” each fabrication process to eliminate the chance of any error or flaw.

Dental Laboratory in Washington DC
Dental Laboratory in Washington DC

Align iTero Partner Dental Lab

We work with many high-caliber dentists in Washington DC Metro Beltway. We offer first-class level services to top dentists who are looking for top-quality crowns and bridges. Only a handful of dental technicians in the Washington DC area can supply these elite, top-quality crowns and bridges.

If you are a dentist who ranks at the top in the District of Columbia, you’ll appreciate our work. The Art Of Aesthetics is not another Align iTero Partner dental lab in Washington DC. Our attention to detail to secondary, and even tertiary, anatomy, accurate interproximal and occlusal bite contacts, and uniform consistency will please every patient you bring to us, year after year. Furthermore, our custom shades, seamless margins, and naturally transitioning contours are second to none. You will not want to entrust your patients to any other iTero dental lab in Washington DC.

Dedicated Technician – Dental Lab in Washington DC

A senior technician will be assigned to your cases, including die trimming, mounting, articulating, contouring, glazing, and the final quality control. This is because our iTero dental lab believes that the foundation has to be right in order to build properly functioning, long-lasting crowns and bridges. You cannot see a good foundation, but it will withstand many trials and tribulations for many years.

We want our crowns and bridges to be hidden and buried among your natural teeth. One of our top dentists in the Washington DC Metro Area sent us a picture with a recently delivered central crown and asked us to guess which one of the centrals (#8 or #9) was a crown without looking at our record. This is the motivation behind our tedious, hard work. We don’t believe in cutting corners, and we will perfect every single restoration.

“The photos enclosed show the anterior tooth you just did for me. The single match: the most difficult cosmetic case in dentistry. This picture was taken immediately after the temp was removed no waiting time for any tissue healing. Which one of the anterior is the crown? No cheating by looking up his case. Many thanks.” Dr. Jeffery, Washington DC.

Here at The Art Of Aesthetics, servicing as a dental lab in Washington DC, we share our success stories and profits with our hard-working technicians to compensate and acknowledge their hard work. That’s because, without our first-class dental technicians, we are just another iTero dental laboratory. In this sense, The Art of Aesthetics is owned and operated by first-class dental technicians. Just like our clients, our technicians have been with us for many years. 

Why High-End Implant and Cosmetic Dental Lab

The Art Of Aesthetic is the one-stop high-end implant dental lab with a leading team of well-educated and well-trained technicians. Our implant dental lab is specialized in providing zirconia implant crowns and other implant dental restoration products and services. Our servicing as a dental lab in Washington DC metro is a well-reputed dental lab for manufacturing precise, highly consistent, and accurate implant abutments and other dental restoration products.

The Art Of Aesthetics implant dental lab has well-experienced technicians to fabricate screw-retained or cement-retained dental implant restorations. We work with non-digital PVS impressions and digital impressions from major intraoral scanners: 3Shape Trios, Cadent iTero, Cerec, True Definition. Our implant dental lab offers various services such as Straumann Variobase CAD-CAM monolithic full zirconia abutment screw-retained, CAD-CAM customized patient-specific zirconia and titanium abutments, CAD-CAM 3i Encode Healing abutments, UCLA type gold implant abutments, and genuine stock abutments.

We are dedicated to our clients in Washington DC Metro Beltway and provide superior services. 

Contact The Art Of Aesthetics dental lab in Washington DC to give your patient’s excellent, satisfying, and best-fitting implants and other dental restorations.